When I opened up Facebook this morning I had a notification. Facebook prompted me to watch my memories from this day, November 2nd, from the past. I clicked it and a post from last year was the first thing I saw. And I realized that my blog turns 1 year today! WOW! One year passed by so fast. I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am that I clicked ”publish” that night. It’s been a year since I first sent this love-filled page out there. Thank you Facebook for reminding me of this important day.

I have been thinking a lot about this year. Everything that has happened to me and everything that I have done, all started with this blog. Hitting publish and sending that first blog post into cyberspace was like jumping off a cliff, having no idea wether or not I would have a parachute to save me, or if I would hit the ground full speed. Looking back now I am proud of myself because this platform turned out to be the spark that started my fire.


Inspired by the beautiful and talented Emilia Westerström and her blog post about her 1 year anniversary, also today (yay!), I thought I would go through some of the highlights of this past year.

Since last year in November I have left my job and decided to start working full time with my own company. I’ve been invited to teach Zumba together with Female Adventurers in Åre, been featured on the cover of Ute Magasinet and been out trail running in the Swedish mountains. I travelled to an Influencer Convention in Stockholm with Jennifer and I’ve invested time and money on a photo course together with Rania. I started out writing this blog in Swedish with almost only mobile photos.

My one and only promise to myself was to never stop writing, no matter what I felt or how many people was reading it. Today I write only in english and I spend plenty of time trying to take good photos. This platform has developed, and so have I.

As with many other things, once you start talking out loud about what you want most in life, things have a way of finding you.

I have gotten, and taken, so many opportunities this year that I never could have imagined I would ever even get. I used to be the quiet girl who never spoke her mind. Someone who wanted to do things but never dared to actually do them. Now I write about my deepest thoughts, fears, things that I care about and make my heart shiver. I speak infront of people from a stage, get hired to educate and teach and I dare. Dare to let go of my fears, try my wings and I dare to have hope that I may fly.

I have had people come up to me and tell me that they read my blog posts. That I inspire them to do things, to try their wings. That gives me energy to keep pushing my limits and continue doing what I love. If my fire can ignite one, two or maybe three others – then I have accomplished something great in life.

Happy birthday my dear blog – may we have another ten thousand days together and let them also be filled with knowledge, good friends, wise people, inspiring moments and happiness!


The top blog posts from the english version of my blog (that didn’t launch until April 2017)

9th place – Outdoor and workout clothes I have come to love

A blog post about amazing workout wear that I did as a collaboration together with the Peak Performance store in Luleå.

Amanda looking out over the trees below

8th place – Things to consider before you offer someone your help

After being mansplained to too many times in a couple of weeks, I felt the need to educate on the subject of offering someone your help. Turns out there are plenty of people out there who only wants to show off their own knowledge and push you down. Oh well, it generates plenty of traffic for me so something good came out of the bad!

7th place – My business strategy and why I want to be successful

Having my own company is not only about freedom for me, it’s about contributing to something bigger. Apparently it’s something you guys like to read about too!


6th place – As I lay there beside him, I realize that I am running. Again

Staying on track and true to yourself is not always the easiest task. Often I find myself dropping focus from what I want and need, to what other people are doing and how they do it. When that happens (and it happens often) I suddenly relalize I’ve started running in a race I don’t even want to be in. Maybe you all can relate because it’s a post that keep having a lot of traffic. (just take a deep breath and stick to Your path)

5th place – Packing for a trail running adventure – 5 days in the mountains with 3,5 kg

Before we headed out on our trail running adventure along Kungsleden this summer I teamed up with Peak Performance in Luleå for our first collaboration and this post on what I brought with me is popular!

4th place – Midsummer celebrations in Swedish Lapland Archipelago

We spent an idyllic Midsummer in the Swedish Lapland archipelago together with some friends. This post has plenty of beautiful summer pictures. It looks like we had a nice and warm summer weekend. In reality it was damn cold, but we had a great time anyways.

3rd place – Hiking guide to Skierfe – Sarek National Park

I wrote this post because I had a lot of friends who asked me about the hike we did to the famous Skierfe in 2016. This post has been one of the most read posts every month ever since I wrote it. I have a plan to share more of tips like these in the future since you seem to like them!

2nd place – How being my own boss is both terrifying and intoxicating all at once

When I announced that I had finally taken the step to run my own company full time, the traffic to my site exploded! I was so overwhelmed with your positive words that it took me days to get back on track. I haven’t written that much no that subject since then, maybe something to pick up again?


First place and the most read blog post on Explore a little more so far

1st place – A new way of communication – First video of Explore a little more is out

I had a really hard time writing what I wanted to say for a couple of days and ended up taking the camera making a Vlogg. Hearing and seeing myself speak on video, in English, was really hard. But out of all the things that I’ve done this year, posting that Vlogg is the one thing that I am happiest about. Your response was out of this world! So many comments, phone calls, people stopping me in town and writing to me on Facebook – I had a hard time taking it all in.

I still go back to all those comments every time I have a bad day. Thank you for spreading so much love, it means the world to me!

I haven’t made many videos since that first one. There are many reasons to why I have prioritized other things. But I really want to make more videos and hopefully I will be able to soon. And tomorrow, in perfect timing for this one year anniversary – I’m releasing a podcast together with my friend Alice. I would never have thought that to be possible if you had asked me a year ago.

Lucky we don’t know what the future brings. Our own bravery would have scared us if we heard about it before we knew we had it in us.

Thank you all for following along this year! I have a surprise birthday gift coming your way in a couple of days ♡😘


4 thoughts on “Explore a little more celebrates one year!

  1. Ann Rumbleinthearctic on 3 november, 2017 at 01:46 Svara

    Happy birthday till bloggen! Så mycket du fått varit med om! Jag misssde helt det inlägget spm ligger på första plats, men jag får spana in det nu då istället 🙂 och ja, jag kände sådan samhörighet om inlägget som handlade om att man springer ett lopp man själv inte vill vara en del av. Det var många andra inlägg som jag helt missat, men det gör inget för jag år ganska långsam av mig och läser ofta gamla inlägg från personer 🙂

    1. Amanda Matti on 15 november, 2017 at 15:23 Svara

      Vad kul att du hittade några bra inlägg! Älskar det om att springa själv också, för jag känner känslan så ofta att jag har lust att skriva om det minst en gång i veckan! Är inte heller så snabb på att läsa bloggar så jag missar också mycket!! Men kul att ha hittat in till dig och att du hittat hit! ❤️ Kram!

  2. pilla on 3 november, 2017 at 19:47 Svara

    Grattis på ettårsdagen! Är så glad att jag började läsa din blogg efter Åre resan! Den är verkligen topp 🙂

    1. Amanda Matti on 15 november, 2017 at 15:21 Svara

      Åh TACK Pernilla! Så kul! Glad att jag hittat till dig med! Min Marathonlängtan har växt med flera mil sedan jag började läsa! 🙂

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