This post is an advertise in collaboration with Peak Performance Luleå.

When we were heading out on our trail running adventure at the beginning of summer, I did a collaboration together with Peak Performance on what to pack and what to wear. And since I believe in doing things longterm and durable, not only with clothes but with business as well – the fact that they want to continue working together makes me so happy! Collaborating with one of Sweden’s largest clothing brands is surreal – a dream come true. And this post contains outdoor and workout clothes I have come to love, and this might be clothes we’re talking about, but for me there’s more to it than that.

I am a person who believes in doing things from the heart. It’s been important to me ever since I was little and the feeling has been growing as I have gotten older. I have turned down job offers and collaborations because the Reason behind it didn’t feel right. People have told me I’m crazy, turning down offers just because the ’feeling wasn’t right’. But I have learned to listen to that feeling. Because great things comes when you work with people that give you the Right feeling. People who genuinely care and do things for the right reasons. Like Catharina at the Peak Performance store in Luleå.

Amanda looking out over the trees below

Working with people who also do things from the heart and who help each other grow makes all the difference.

Catharina and I met through a mutual friend a little more than 3 years ago. Since we first met many things have happened, but we’ve always stayed in touch. She is the type of person who will stand by your side, push you a little when you need it and if she thinks that you’re doing a good job – she will let everyone know. Working with people who also do things from the heart and who help each other grow makes all the difference. That’s why collaborating with Catharina and Peak Performance has become more than work to me. For me, it’s proof that you can go far when you do things with your heart, and find people who do the same.

Clothes that keep you warm and dry through out many seasons

The pieces I have chosen this time are from the Peak Performance fall collection. I spend a lot of time outdoor. Walking the dogs, running, being out in the woods, picking berries in fall and skiing and snowboarding in winter. The pieces I have chosen are all versatile and will work in both spring, summer, fall and winter. And that’s something I always think about when buying clothes, especially outdoor clothes – that they will work in more than one season. To save the environment and to save money. All the pieces are once again, chosen carefully, and have been tested for a couple of weeks before writing this so I know exactly why I love them.

Down jackets are probably the type of jacket I use the most in a year. It’s great for chilly summer nights and to wear under your jacket in winter when it get’s really cold, as it often does up here. Both down jackets that I have chosen are designed with soft and stretchable panels on the sides that makes them great to move around in without getting too warm. It also makes them easy to wear underneath another jacket. The longer, Anorak type of jacket in deep purple, is my personal favorite. Perfect for dog walks and to wear as a third layer in winter. The pink jacket will be my go to when heading into the city, but can just as well be used out in the forest.

Work out tights with high waist and pockets (yes! pockets!)

So I work out a lot too. I have started running more and I also teach 3-4 group fitness classes every week, that means I wear a lot of work out clothes. What I always look for in tights is high waist. These ones have a really high waist which makes them truly comfortable, they stay in place (and keep things in place). You also have a drawstring that gives you extra safety and makes you avoid sliding pants. The running tights have pockets on the side so that you can store your phone or your keys safely and without anything getting in your way or feeling uncomfortable. Really love that feature! (think all Peak Performances running tights comes with that, love that!).

The last pair of workout pants I chose because they gave me a Dirty Dancing feeling – perfect for yoga or dance classes or just to wear at home. They make me happy just looking at them!

Outdoor pants that are soft, stretchy and with good ventilation

I have tried many types of outdoor pants but never really loved any of them. They have either been too warm, too stiff or too heavy. Then Catharina made me try these ones. They’re called ”softshell ski pants” in their collection but they work just as well hiking in. I have been wearing them almost non-stop since I picked them up. They are not only really comfortable but they are also really good looking. Wearing sneakers to these ones and I’m ready to hit the city. Hiking up Åreskutan last weekend they kept me ventilated and dry, even though it was raining a little at the end. and YES. They are expensive. But I’m telling you it’s all worth it! You will never want to take them off.

I love the fact that they are tight but stretchy and that they come with a drawstring at the bottom so you can adjust them if needed. Perfect when wearing them with running shoes or sneakers!

Ventilation when warm and insulation when starting to get cold

The last pieces I have chosen are the two below. A t-shirt with mesh in the back that is both comfortable and really good looking. Running up the ski jump at Dundret in this one was a delight. And then when I got up and stopped to take pictures, I put on the hoodie. Warm, soft and cozy. Good after working out and also great to wear in winter while out snowboarding. Versatile. That’s the key to every piece of clothing! Making sure your gear is versatile is making sure they will be used, over and over again.


So, I wouldn’t be doing this collaboration if I didn’t think you guys would like it and benefit from it. This is all outdoor and workout clothes I have come to love, that’s why it makes me even happier to announce that you guys, because you are reading this, will get a promotion code to use in the Peak Performance store in Luleå! How great?

You guys will get 15% off your purchase by using the code


when you shop at the Peak Performance store in Luleå

And this of course is a treat that benefits mostly my readers from the northern part of Sweden. The code will apply for more than one purchase and will be valid until further notice. So go browse and find your favorite pieces! And remember, think versatile. Think cost per wear, the outdoor pants will probably have the lowest cost per wear in history for me. And that is, in the end, much better than buying cheap clothes that never gets worn. ♡


I hope you enjoyed these pieces. Hope you too can find some new favorites! ♡

Even though this post is an advertise in collaboration with Peak Performance Luleå, all the content and thoughts are my own. I write about them because I love them – I have chosen them carefully!

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  1. pilla on 18 augusti, 2017 at 15:35 Svara

    Sjukt fina kläder!

    1. Amanda Matti on 20 augusti, 2017 at 16:08 Svara

      Visst är det? 🙂 <3

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    Väldigt fina kläder och kul samarbete!

    1. Amanda Matti on 22 augusti, 2017 at 23:53 Svara

      Tack Helena! Ja, väldigt roligt! <3 🙂

  3. Caroline on 10 oktober, 2017 at 06:31 Svara

    Nice article! Love it!

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