Today I’ve been home with Erik. He woke up on Sunday with a light fever. We then spent all of yesterday inside, watching movies and reading books. I finally got around to wash all of our winter clothes, not a day to late as it feels like we might need them any day now. He is better today but still a little tired so we have spent today almost the same.

Before the cold hit our house on Sunday, we got out on a small hike to Djävulsklyftan. That’s a local spot just outside Gällivare. It’s popular among people from Gällivare to walk here, but not me nor Markus had ever been. So on Saturday we packed a little lunch and went out. It took us about an hour to walk up to the cliff. It was beautiful, but a little smaller than I had pictured it. It’s perfect if you’re hiking with kids, up on the top it was flat and open so Erik ran around, picking blueberries and playing all sorts of games. We could watch him run around as we made lunch.

When he got tired we put up the small tent/wind shield we have so he could lie inside and get away from the mosquitos as we drank coffee, ate more lunch and talked.

When we packed up and went down again, Erik fell asleep in the carrier almost immediately. I love when he does that. Feeling the weight of his little hand on my shoulder, his slow breathing in my ear. To me it’s the ultimate token of trust and somehow it makes me feel like a good mom more than anything else. He is safe, happy and he trust’s me so much that he can fall asleep on my back as we walk through the woods.

The distance to the cliff was a little more than 3 km. You park your car right after the bridge over Linaälv, outside of Koskullskulle towards Tjautjas. You walk along the road for almost 2 km and then turn left before the sandpit. The trail then goes up into the woods for a little more than 3 km.  


A small hike and a small adventure – but the small ones are usually the best. And even a small adventure can make a big impact.

One thought on “Saturday hike to Djävulsklyftan – easy adventures are often the best

  1. Lena - gott för själen on 25 augusti, 2017 at 18:43 Svara

    Alltså, bilden på dig och sonen!!! Så fin!

    Ha en fin helg!

    Kram Lena

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