This weekend midsummer celebrations with flowers, barbecues and silly songs are taking over Sweden – and we are doing it too. This year we are out on an island in the Swedish Lapland archipelago close to Kalix. Such a beautiful place! We arrived here late on Thursday night with boat and have spent almost all of yesterday outside. Barbecue on the beach, plenty of food, singing songs and playing games.

As usual when midsummer is coming up – I imagine it’s going to be summer heat, walking around in shorts and sitting outside in the middle of the night while warm winds touch my face. But as usual reality is nothing like that. It was a little windy, only 14 degrees celsius (57,2 f) and mosquitos everywhere. The beautiful dresses and short sleeve shirts only stayed on during dinner and pictures.. But no matter the weather, Swedish midsummer is always something special!

Hope you guys have all had a great weekend and THANK YOU for your support and comments on my Vlog. You are the best! 

Here’s a few pictures from our midsummer weekend ♡

Beautiful dresses for the pictures.. 

And this is how we really spent midsummers. Lovely anyway! 

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  1. Jenn - forever abroad on 25 juni, 2017 at 11:47 Svara

    How lovely photos from the midsummer celebrations! I’m curious, what’s the name of the little island outside of Kalix? 🙂 And also, whaaat are they doing in the photo on the dock where no one is looking towards the camera, it looks like someone is unbuttoning Markus’ shirt??? Haha!!

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