Today me and Erik set out on our one week roadtrip through Sweden. We reached our first stop in Piteå tonight, right in time for dinner! We are staying the night here in my friend Maria’s caravan and tomorrow we are continuing south with the goal to end up in Östersund on friday.

The first 300 km went well, no screaming and no complaints at all from the two year old, or me.. Tonight was spent walking the beach, kicking ball, painting and reading. Erik was thrilled to play with the older girls and spend some time outside. Tomorrow we’re continuing to our second stop in Sundsvall, to visit Rania, also known as Northbound Journeys.

Apparently, driving 1800 km alone with a two year old is not so common. People have told me I am brave, crazy and some have asked me why I don’t just stay at home.. I just wanna report that everything has gone great so far and that wild protests are expected during this week. You cannot simply travel so far with a two year old in a car without having some tantrums, scream sessions and crying. But I am not afraid of crying. I am afraid of putting mental boundaries on myself and my son. That, to me, is much worse than any tantrum.The 500 km we are driving tomorrow might not go so great, who knows. If you want to tag along and see if there might be some tantrums on the road – keep your eye out on Instagram stories.

Why wait for the whole family when you can explore on your own?! (and the company of some good friends!)



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