I stand in a crowd of people. The music fills my head and I can feel the base vibrate through my chest. I am calm, but my knees are shaking slightly. Adrenaline is rushing through my body and my heart fills with happiness and love. I stand there, looking into the faces of 130 excited people, ready to get this party started. It’s just seconds before the event that I’ve planned for so long is finally taking off. The air is vibrant. Excitement can not be hidden. And then, it all begins.

Electric feeling at Träningsfesten Gällivare

Yesterday was a surreal day for me. More than 6 months of planning and hard work with Träningsfesten was finally put into action. More than 130 people showed up to attend 6 out of 12 different fitness classes with instructors from all over Swedish Lapland. We had a vision to create a place that was judgement-free and open to everyone – no matter if you attend fitness classes on a regular basis or have never ever been. A place filled with love and solidarity. And that’s exactly what we got. 

When events that you have been planning for a long time is finally about to get real, you go through all sorts of emotions. Doubt, fear, happiness and determination. I have had the pleasure to create this event together with an amazing team. People who have all put a little piece of their soul and heart into it. And I think you could tell by the atmosphere that this event was created with lots and lots of love. What you put into something is also usually what you get. And yesterday we got so much love! 

Magdalena Bohlin teaching Shbam at Träningsfesten

Magdalena creating magic in Sh’Bam.


I have been overwhelmed all day. Tired and overwhelmed. I have gone through photos, comments on social media and messages that people have sent. I am so happy that everyone I have talked to seem to have had a great time. Young, old, women and men – everyone seem to have enjoyed the day and left the event with inspiration and sore muscles. Exactly what we were hoping for!

Now I’m gonna take a couple of days to just savour the moment. Go through the event and think about all the good things and the electric feeling I brought with me from the classes. After long weeks in front of the computer I’m gonna take some time to get out into nature and enjoy autumn before winter arrives. And then, when I have enjoyed all the good moments, we will get back into planning mode and start creating Träningsfesten 2018.

Strong by Zumba at Träningsfesten with Amanda Matti Maria Kula

Me and Maria teaching Strong by Zumba.

Yoga with Tiina Ravelin Holy Heart at Träningsfesten

Yoga with the world’s greatest Yogini and my friend – Tiina Ravelin.

Without all of you – Träningsfesten would never have happened

They say you can’t do epic things with regular people. I think that’s true. All of the people involved in this in any way have all been epic. I want to give my biggest THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible.

My amazing team who have put their heart into every little piece of this day for the last 6 months. Everyone who helped out during the day and made sure it all went smooth and that everyone was happy. All of our sponsors and partners who have contributed to making this event outstanding. All the amazing instructors who killed it and gave their all to inspire and motivate.

And Thank You – to all of you who attended Träningsfesten 2017 – you shared so much love, sweat and happiness with us. I could never have dreamed of anything more. I hope we will see you all again next year! We are already making plans for 2018!

From all my heart – THANK YOU! ♡

Bodycombat at Träningsfesten Linda Bjurholt HardCore Träningsfesten Gällivare Hårdrocksfys at Träningsfesten Gällivare Yoga with Tiina Ravelin at Träningsfesten Gällivare Squad goals Träningsfesten

Squad goals – Accomplished ♡ Thank you everyone! 

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  1. Lena - gott för själen on 2 oktober, 2017 at 05:50 Svara

    Härligt att det blev så lyckat! Grattis!

    Ha en bra start på veckan!

    Kram Lena

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