Hey everyone! It feels like it was yesterday October came with it’s cold days and frosty nights. I look at the calendar and we’re all ready more than halfway through. It’s crazy how fast time flies and how fleeting seasons can be. I had so many plans for summer and autumn, and now they’ve both passed.

Green has turned to yellow, yellow became orange and red and now the trees are standing naked. There are still a few brown leaves hanging from the branches, vibrating in the wind. The time they have left before they fall to the ground is counted in days, or hours. A thin layer of frost covers the ground in the morning and your breath creates small, white clouds when you breathe. Autumn is slowly turning into winter and even though I am hesitant, I am ready.

It’s funny with seasons because I love them all.

Every time of year has it’s own charm. Spring comes with so many expectations and an eager to dust of the old, grey and heavy memories of winter. Then summer is weeks of energy, light and a feeling of empowerment. Nothing is impossible during summer and summer never seem to end as days turn to night and back to day with no clear transition.

Then autumn comes and all the energy the summer gave forms into productivity and a feeling of starting something new. All the colours out in nature reflects within and so many ideas of different sorts storm around inside.

When winter arrives you slow down and enjoy the little things. Like sitting inside lighting candles or walking around in a snow covered landscape, watching nature all embedded in white. The cold air and glistering snow gives energy even though the sun doesn’t shine for weeks. And then it starts all over again when the sun is back and turns snow on the rooftops into dripping water.

Me and Sky are enjoying autumn but we’re ready for winter!

Erik fell asleep in the stroller the other day. That hasn’t happened in.. months or maybe over a year!

Every season has it’s charm, even though it sometimes feels like I’m not ready.

Once the changes in seasons are complete, I find myself adapted to the new one. I like to see it as riding the ever flowing waves of life. Instead of fighting the changes, I try to learn how to ride the waves and enjoy it. I won’t say that I always succeed, but most of the time I do.

Right now I am caught up in work, I have landed a couple of big jobs this week. Makes me so damn happy that what I do seems to be appreciated. Going out on your own is scary as hell, but now that I can see that people seem to need what I offer – it’s a big relief. Maybe, just maybe, this might work out just fine! Today I’m going to Luleå for meetings and a Zumba class. Next week I’m going on a network meeting in Lannavaara together with 10 other people from Gällivare.

I have written about it before, when you feel like nothing is happening. But then you look back and realize that you were moving forward all this time. That’s what has been happening for me now. I am moving forward even though I don’t see it most days. Influencers of Sweden had a great quote for that.

Your speed don’t matter, forward is forward. 

I think that’s a great ending to this post. Be kind on yourself, you are moving forward. Speed really doesn’t matter. Nor does looks. You don’t have to move forward with grace – just keep putting one foot infront of the other and you’ll do just fine. ♡

And please write a comment about what you would like me to write more about. Adventures, work, my business, life, my never ending stream of thoughts or something else entirely? I’d love to hear what you want to read about! 🙂 

One that is happy it’s winter again soon. ♡

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2 thoughts on “Riding the ever flowing waves of life

  1. Diane on 20 oktober, 2017 at 08:07 Svara

    It’s always a great pleasure reading about your way of life, your thoughts, what’s on your mind, your precious little boy, your companions the dogs, your daily work and sportive life, and ofcourse your musician and husband-to-be………….you must be such a happy living person. Wished everyone could read your stories and learn about how beautiful nature and life really are, or should be. People should ’explore a little more’ as well! I enjoy every minute of your columns and recognize a lot of feelings and thoughts about things as well. Hope you’ll go on doing what you do and that you’ll stay happy and will have loads of success on your way. You’re doing excellent! FORTSÄTT 😉

    1. Amanda Matti on 23 oktober, 2017 at 22:56 Svara

      Oh thank you so much Diane! I actually got tears in my eyes reading this comment. You are the best!! So much love from you I can feel it every day, all the way over here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me 😘🙏❤️

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