It’s been a little quiet in here after our week in the mountains. That’s because we’re on vacation with the whole family. At the moment we’re exploring Lofoten with it’s amazing Views, mountains and beautiful fjords. Even though I’ve been here many times before, the nature here never seizes to amaze me. 

Since my internet connection is varied and unstable I’m going silent for awhile. Trying to enjoy every moment of this summer and the days that become life. You should really try to disconnect too..

The real world is buzzing with life, and they see nothing of that. 

So far on this short trip I’ve seen plenty of families and friends, sitting together at a table on the ferry. Or at a campingplace by the sea. Everyone looking at their phone while the real world is buzzing with life and nature is stunningly beautiful around them. They see nothing of that. 

So, see you in a couple of days. Let’s let go of our phones and make sure we enjoy summer and the days that, in the end, will be what we call our life! 

Let’s go make memories! ♡😘

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