Five days in the mountains have come to an end. We arrived home on Saturday after completing the last 19 km, from Kebnekaise to Nikkaluokta. We’ve had both rain and sunshine, even though the rain was what effected us the most. Even though the trail was covered in water and too slippery to run on many parts, we’ve had a blast all the way. I loved every second of this wet, cold and amazing adventure.

trail running king's trail - Amanda Matti

I’m gonna give you a proper follow up on the distances and anything you might want to know on the full adventure. But I’m letting this nice, slow feeling of being totally unreachable and off the grid follow me for a couple of days and haven’t begun sorting it all out yet.

Until I do, I’m just gonna share some unedited pictures directly from my phone that describes these five days very well. Sunshine, rain, beautiful sceneries, intense movement and total relaxation.

The perfect adventure ♡

Met some friends on top of the mountain between Vakkotavara and Teusajaure. I was so happy when they said they got inspired by my post about this adventure, that they chose to hike this trail just because of that! I was so glad I had to ask them to get a picture with me! Thank you 🙂 

Boat over Teusajaure, luckily we didn’t even have to row once! 

With temperatures between 4-12° celsius, the down jacket came to good use. 

trail running king's trail - Amanda Matti

Washing my t-shirt in Singi. When you’re not bringing so much you need to wash what you’ve got. 

Lollo preparing for one of the first crossings between Singi and Kebnekaise. Then came a hundred more.. 

Well sorted shop in Kaitumjaure. 

Preparing hot drinks and lunch by Kaitumjohka on Wednesday. Stopped for one hour lunch, Carpe diem! 

First course of our three course meal at Kebnekaise Mountain Station. Tasted like a dream together with an non-alcoholic beer! yum! 

Running the last distance to Nikkaluokta. 

My beautiful cousin who have not been doing anything else but smile all week. Couldn’t find a better companion for such adventure! ♡

Muddy and wet shoes after crossing several jokks and walking in water covered trails for a couple of days. Even though the conditions have been varied, my feet have made it through without any damage. Thank you Salomon! 

Until next time ♡

One thought on “Picture recap of our 78 km trail running adventure in sunshine and rain (mostly rain..)

  1. Leanne on 18 juli, 2017 at 09:18 Svara

    Looks like such a beautiful place to run, looking forward to reading more about your adventure and how suited you found the gear!

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