Another night and it’s all ready Thursday. This week has been a great mix of work and fun. I rounded up last weeks work by teaching two courses on communicating in Social Media in Lycksele. This week has been packed with work but I’ve managed to spend time with friends and do fun, soul-healing stuff too.

On Monday me and Sarah went to see the new Swedish movie, ’All Inclusive’. That’s the first time in over a year that I have seen a movie in another place then home. It was a great way to spend a Monday night – eating popcorn and watching a movie with a friend. When it comes to business, I’ve had a couple of deadlines this week so it’s been a lot to do. This week we’ve also recorded the second episode of our Podcast. A busy week in other words.

When I drove to Lycksele last week I listened to podcasts, like I always do when driving. My favourite podcast is TED Radio Hour. A podcast that combines three TED talks on the same subject to one program. One reason to why I love it is because you get different outlooks on the same subject. I listened to one episode called ”press play” where they talked about the importance of play in our lives.

Beautiful winter road somewhere between Gällivare and Lycksele.

I have thought about it a lot before, the ever so important combination of work and play. But after listening to that episode I decided I want to get even better at incorporating fun into every day of my life. No matter if it’s playing with Erik, doing a fun work out, goof around or go see a movie with a friend. Not only is it good to boost creativity but it’s also good for life quality and might seem to make us happier and more content!


Play is the highest form of research. – Albert Einstein

Spending time with this lady, talking about things that are important and still having the most amazing fun, is life-giving. (Me and Alice, the other half of our podcast!)


Tonight I spent 30 minutes reading some of my old blog posts. Usually when I run out of inspiration or have no clue what to write about, I read other blogs. Today I started scrolling through my own old posts and I realized how much I have developed my writing in only one year. It’s so easy to forget and minimize your own efforts. I have felt a little drained of inspiration lately and reading my old posts now gave me new energy and courage to continue.

Not only have I started writing in english, I have also developed the content of my posts a lot. Or at least so I think. I spend more time thinking about what to write, how to write it and composing it with good pictures. I read so many other great blogs and constantly try to learn from the best. When you always compare yourself to the best in your field, it’s easy to feel like you’re miles behind. But it also makes you up your game.

I think we all would benefit from using ourselves as good examples more often. Looking back at how we have developed, celebrate the progress we’ve made and how many of our dreams we have actually accomplished. You are greater than you think.

Sometimes we should all be our own biggest fans, and idols! ♡


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