Hey all! Gosh, it’s so beautiful up here right now. I just feel a need to tell you guys how much I love the earth and nature. Where ever I walk, drive or look I go ”aah” and ”oooh” and I take thousands of pictures. Unfortunately my phone is getting a little too old and the camera in it is giving up. But it’s just so beautiful outside at the moment. The combination of soft November light, snow and the amazing landscape all covered in white mesmerizes me, year after year.

On Friday it was snowing heavily and I had to take a break from all the computer work. I picked up my camera and went out to take some photos. I got back to my workplace with wet and cold feet (haven’t gotten around to buy new winter boots yet..). Rounded it up with inspiring conversation and planning with Petra for future projects. The amazing feeling and energy I got from being outside and share visions with this inspiring person stuck with me for the rest of the weekend.

On Saturday we watched the Swedish ski premier from Gällivare (my hometown) on TV while getting the house cleaned. Saturday night we were invited to my brother and his wife’s birthday party with a masquerade theme. Markus was in charge of our costumes and I ended up going dressed as a 70’s hippie and he was an 80’s geek. There’s something special with masquerades, everyone is so excited about dressing up that the atmosphere gets all energized. My brother and Meiri were great hosts and we had an amazing night.

Totally blurry picture of me and Super Mario (aka Maria). 

Today me and Erik went up to watch the ski competitions live together with Sarah and Elin. We watched the first heats in the sprint and then went inside for some coffee and hot dogs. After that Erik was tired and we just stayed for the semi finals before we went back home. 

I just love when these competitions are hosted here and nature really shows off in the most beautiful way. Snow covered trees, beautiful light and colors in the sky and a light snowfall. Anyone will fall for that, right? 

Hope you all have had an amazing weekend with plenty of rest and doing-what-the-heart-wants type of things. Our weekend has been slow and wonderful, just what we need every now and then. I have started to make plans for 2018, both for business and private life and I have a feeling that it’s gonna be a good year.

Happy Sunday people! ♡

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  1. pilla on 19 november, 2017 at 22:30 Svara

    Vilken härlig helg! såg Vinterstudion på TV och längtade norrut till snön.

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