Yesterday I got to tell my story through the Swedish network Kvinnliga Äventyrare, Female Adventurers. I feel so honored! And with my story I mean my way from working too much, searching for something I didn’t know what it was, to where I am today. Working my own business, doing things with passion and spending a lot of time out in nature. When Angeliqa from vandringsbloggen, one of the initiators for Kvinnliga Äventyrare, first contacted me and said that they wanted to share my story – I had to stop and think for a second. Why does she think that anyone would want to read my story?

This whole network is amazing. I love how it empowers women to go on more adventures in life. Angeliqa and Emelie are doing an amazing job. In such short time, they have managed to build a beautiful and supportive community where women from all over Sweden share their thoughts, fears, experiences and dreams. It’s a judgement free zone where nothing you ask is a strange question. Here are topics like how to handle your period while out hiking to what tent to use or how to change job.

Being an ambassador for this network of strong, amazing women, is an honor.

I love what they do and everything that they stand for. Still, it felt odd to think that anyone would want to read my story. Because, who am I? And then I pushed away my spontaneous reaction and thought ’what the hell’ and answered all the questions that I got. If I have learned one thing in this life, it’s that every person has something that they can teach us. And I guess that has to include myself.

Last night I sat down to read all the comments on the photo on both Instagram and Facebook, and I had to pinch myself. There are comments from some of my biggest inspirations, saying that they learn from me? How is that even possible? I still find it hard to believe when people tell me that I inspire them. Because to me – I’m still this ambivalent girl, who over analyzes everything, is afraid of a lot of things and think’s that nothing she does is ever good enough. Bad habits are hard to get rid off.

Angeliqa and Emelie behind Kvinnliga Äventyrare, being photographed by Isbergs Photography while Sara Rönne Träningsglä, assists. 

I’m so, so happy that I got to share my story. Because even if I feel like I have done nothing in my life, if what I actually have done can inspire one person to do something that their heart wants. Then I have accomplished something great. Life is too short not to live everyday. And life is too short to walk around and be afraid to share our story, love deeply and take chances.

It’s terrifying to be brave, but it’s worse to live a whole life, captivated by fear.

Photo from my midnight hike to Nonstinden in Lofoten. A memory that motivates me to keep doing things that I love. Hike more mountains, walk more forests, take more time off work and just live.


If you haven’t checked out Kvinnliga Äventyrare yet, you should! Apart from all the great women you find there, they also have a podcast that is really good. And the events that they arrange is amazing, like the one I attended in Åre in August. Great people, good hiking, amazing food and plenty of inspiration. Hopefully there will be more of them in the future, I’ll let you know when I know. And if you want to read my full story, you find it here. 

So many inspiring women at Kvinnliga Äventyrare event in Åre in August. Here listening to Katrin,, talking about cooking outside. 




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