Matti/Mattsby’s family log book. Day number 147. We are stuck inside the house. The little one is down with fever, again. We are living on ice cream, fruit and a mix of water and apple juice. I have lost almost all hope. I can not remember what it was like before the cold hit. Our days now are filled with snot, tissues and being thrown between fever and no fever. I don’t know how much longer we will make it. Will we ever get rid of this cold? People tell me we may have a few more years of this. Years. I am slowly turning into a snot-wiping-machine and my brain is no longer what it used to be.. Will. This. Ever. Stop?

Okay.. I may have exaggerated a bit. But seriously, this is the third week in a row that one or two, in our family of three, have a cold. Mine has gotten better one day, just to get worse the next. Erik has had fever three times in these last weeks. If we don’t get rid of this in a near future I think I might go crazy! Tell me, is this how it is when you have small kids? What’s your best tips on curing a cold, or even better, how to avoid them? Hit me! 


In between the days of fever – We have been spending time with friends

So in between the sick days we have had time to get outside for a bit. Last weekend we had planned to go on a canoe trip with our friends Sarah and David. But since we didn’t want to risk getting worse again, we rearranged our plans and spent the weekend at their cabin. We cooked food over open fire, Erik and David made bark boats and we picked a little blueberries. But most of all, we just spent time together.

Spending time with good friends that you have known for a long time is special. Seeing one of my best friends play with Erik and seeing him connect is worth everything. Also there was love at first sight between Erik and their dog Tippen. Erik borrowed his dog ”vovvis” to Tippen through-out the weekend. I am not sure how much Tippen enjoyed the company of ”vovvis”, but he let him be.

On Sunday we actually got to go out on a short tour with the canoe. The sun was shining and it was completely still. So beautiful with all the colors of autumn and the warm sunshine! Even though this was our ”Plan B” for the weekend, it was a true 5 star experience. Erik loved being out on the water and we got to be outside and spend quality time together with friends.

One can not ask for more. ♡

Happy family out in a canoe. The whole tour took maybe 20 minutes and by the time we were back Erik was a little eager to get out. But we all loved it! Definitely gonna be more tours in the years to come! 

Pancake buffet with roasted hazelnuts, cloudberry jam and fresh fruit! Yum!

Oh yes. Sometimes we watch his favorite series or movies even when out in nature. Here in our small tent after lunch. It’s a good way to get him to rest for awhile even though we’re out. I know, very outdoorsy – right? You do what you have to, in order to stay out a little longer and keep the little ones happy. 

A little cava before dinner in the beautiful evening sun! 

Two happy beings after a weekend full of fun and friends! ♡

One thought on “Hit by a cold – but first a weekend spent with friends

  1. Mona on 14 september, 2017 at 10:19 Svara

    Så himla mysigt! Ja inte förkylningen då! Det brukar vara extremt mycket illasinnade bakterier i omlopp när skoltider börjar på nytt. Här har vi bara haft en liten försmak av det under denna vecka. Hoppas det stannar där. Krya på Er och ha en toppentrevlig torsdag! 🙂

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