Last week I shared my story through Kvinnliga Äventyrares network, after that a bunch of new followers found their way to me on Instagram. I have written before about how I love and hate Instagram. But I have found a thing that makes me love that platform more than I hate it.

It is to really get to know the people that follow me and that I follow. So I try to spend a lot of time to go check out the accounts of the people that are actually there (easy to forget that it’s real people). And I have found so many new friends and people to interact with, that Instagram is becoming one of my favourite places to be on social media.

When all these new people found their way to me I asked them if they had any questions for me, so that they could get to know me better. And surprisingly I got a bunch of questions. And it’s really good questions! Most of them I have no right answer to, but I will tell you how I handle it. And since the internet is more fun when we communicate, I would love to know your thoughts on these subjects! How do you handle it? Read the questions and answers below and if you feel like sharing, comment below! ♡

Most of these questions were written in Swedish. I have translated and shortened some of them for an easier-to-read post. 

Okay, so here goes! Questions & Answers people ↓

Question: I see that you have a son and I wonder how you motivate yourself to go on adventures without your family? I have an amazing family and I feel bad when I plan to do things without them. Do you have tips or thoughts that you want to share on how you think when you’re going away on your own?

This is such an interesting thing to talk about. I do a lot of things without Markus and Erik, work related and non-work related. Sometimes I feel bad planning things without them. But at the same time I know that I spend most of my time with them. And for every thing that I do on my own, we try to do things together. For example, this summer I did the 5 day trail running on my own (with company of course, but without the family). A couple of weeks before, me and Erik went on a roadtrip on our own, and the weeks after the whole family went to Norway. I’m not saying that you have to do that, but for me it feels easier to do things on my own if I balance my time.

I want to continue to grow as a person – even though I’m a mom. I believe it sets and example for him, too. And for me it has been important to know that life doesn’t end just because you have kids. It just adds another level to life. I love doing things with him and the older he gets, the more things we will do together.

My best tip is to plan time for yourself, and respect it. The things that I do for me are just as important as things that I do for everyone else. You’ve heard it before and it’s true – if you’re not feeling good, you’re not gonna be a good parent or influence on your kids. I want my son to have a happy mom and dad, even if that means that they do things without him every now and then.

Question: What dreams do you have – big and small? 

An interesting question and at the same time hard to answer. I dream about so many things. But one thing I dream about is a cabin in the woods. This summer we bought a piece of land in the Swedish Lapland archipelago and I can’t wait until we build a small cabin here. I want to wake up in the silence, light a fire, walk out into the woods and just listen to the birds and the trees. I want to spend time there with Erik and just be. At the same time I dream of actually changing the world for the better. Everything I do, I do with the intent of somehow contributing to a better world. Even if it’s just small things.

Question: What is everyday luxury to you? 

I have an intention to live my life for EVERYDAY. Not only the weekends, holidays or the future. So I try to do typical ”weekend” things on weekdays. I have had the pleasure of having Lisa Ekström, Kamoja, as a mentor. She taught me to celebrate things and do things out of the ordinary. Like having ”fredagsmys” on a Tuesday or something I like to do, pick Erik up early on a Wednesday and have picknick in the woods. I have to say this: having the privilege to take a day off if I want to is everyday luxury to me! ♡

Question: What are your favourite places in your home area? 

For everyday adventures I love Dundret, both in winter and summer. I also love Saltoluokta, Stora Sjöfallet and the Ice Hotel which are a little further away. And all the beautiful places further west in the Swedish mountains. It’s a luxury to have everything just 1,5-2 hours away. Then there are thousands of other things I love around here that are not named or have specific activities other than just being there. Walking the woods, picking berries on a marsh, walking up small hills and mountains to enjoy the view.

Question: I saw that you wrote that you spent a winter in Canada, where did you stay and was it hard to find a job there? 

We spent the winter of 2011-12 in Revelstoke, BC. We had applied for a working holiday visa so we could stay for a year and work while enjoying the country. We snowboarded all day and I arranged so that I could teach Zumba classes a couple of times a week at the local Rec Centre. My main goal for going there was to snowboard as much as possible so working came second hand. It was fun though because I got to know a lot of people from the local community that I would never have done other wise.

Revelstoke was amazing. When we were there it was not much people on the slopes. The only time there was a line was on powder days when people wanted to get the first gondola to the top. But it didn’t matter because there was always fresh powder enough for everyone. That winter in Canada is one of my best winters! I got to develop my snowboarding so much and riding that deep powder is a feeling I can still remember.

Thinking of going? Stop thinking. JUST GO! ♡

Avalanche course in Revelstoke. A great investment! 

Revelstoke and the surrounding area is so beautiful. We bought a car so that we could travel around. If you want to see more photos from Canada, you find it here.

That was all the questions for now, have any other or want to share your thoughts? Comment below and we can communicate! ♡

4 kommentarer på “Questions & Answers

  1. Ann Rumbleinthearctic on 13 januari, 2018 at 16:08 Svara

    I love the fact that you guys have bought a piece of land up north, and it also makes me jealous haha. I miss my little cabin in the woods, even though it wasn’t as remote. Our plan is to go to Sweden this summer, and hopefully we can get to my family’s summer cabin up north, fingers crossed. My husband hates Alaska in the wintertime (well, he dislikes the darkness and to be honest the university there is going downhill, and he wants to be a professor so rightfully so, Alaska is no great fit for that) and he has no intention of ever wanting to move there. However, we have talked about buying a piece of land there and build a summer cabin sometime in the future, if we can afford. That is one of my biggest dreams, and I hope it will come true. I dream all the time, but sometimes it is also important to stop dreaming and appreciate what we have, otherwise we will loose the good things we actually have 🙂 So I am happy for where we are now, even though we aren’t surrounded by a deep forest and high mountains, someday.
    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Amanda Matti on 19 januari, 2018 at 15:54 Svara

      Oh there is so many things that you have done that I think is so inspiring and cool. And I think that you are absolutely right, that we need to dream but also be here and now. Enjoy where we are and what we have, appreciate the place that we are in right now. Dreams are great and having a picture to guide our way – but it can’t be everything. Sounds like you guys have a great vision of what you want – I think you will have that eventually! ♡ Hopefully the same will happen for us. Thanks for sharing, love to hear your thoughts!! ❤️☺️

  2. Mona on 15 januari, 2018 at 09:39 Svara

    Vilka bra (och svåra) frågor. Vilka bra (och intressanta) svar. Som mamma fastnade jag lite i den första och kan inte annat än att hålla med dig. Barn är inget hinder för att göra det man gillar. Ta med dem. Lite krångligare kan det bli (men krångla inte till det för mycket själv) men det är så värt det. Viktigt att dela upplevelser (stora och små) med dem och att vara en förebild. Jag tror också att det är viktigt med lite egentid ibland. Vuxentid. Man blir bara bättre på sitt allra största uppdrag – att vara mamma. <3

    1. Amanda Matti on 19 januari, 2018 at 15:48 Svara

      Ja, håller med dig! Och klokt sagt att man inte ska krångla till det för mycket själv, ofta är det vi som ställer till det – inte barnen. Och ja! Håller så med dig. Ger man sig själv tid blir man i längden också en ännu bättre version av sig själv – och därmed också mamma. Så kloka tankar! Och intressant fråga att prata om. ♡ Tack för att du delar med dig 😘

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