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This post is an advertise in collaboration with Love From Lapland.

Today is December 2nd and it’s less than 24 days until Christmas. I love this time of year because I get to fill the house with Christmas lights, candles and decorations of all sorts. I also love making beautiful Christmas gifts and usually spend more time on the wrapping than the actual gift.

This year, together with Love From Lapland, I am sharing my top five tips on what to get someone this Christmas. 

This is Emma, one of the founders of Love from Lapland and also the clothing brand Kläppi. Emma is an inspiring entrepreneur who always sees the possibilities in everything.


Love from Lapland is a company based in Nilivaara close to Gällivare. As a company they are devoted to sustainable shopping and supporting local entrepreneurs and real people. That they didn’t participate in the Black Friday hysteria is great proof of that. If you are buying gifts this year, buying locally produced products, organic products or things that will last for a long time is a good way to start. It’s good for the environment and it’s good for us.

I love giving gifts that make people happy. May it be expensive things, DIY or soaps and things that get used in our everyday life. But for me, Christmas does not have to include gifts. In our family we have celebrated Christmas in many different ways – at home, in Sri Lanka, in a cabin in the Swedish mountains, together and apart – but always with lots of love (and food!). For me, holidays are all about spending time with the people we love and being grateful for all the things that we already have.

So, let’s list my favourite gifts to give someone this Christmas, starting with the least expensive one!


1. Braskotten – Natural Firelighter 

 These beautiful firelighters are made out of waste products from industries in the north. The cones come from the forest industry where they have been emptied on seeds, the seeds will be used for new forests and the cones have no further use. They are then dipped in left-over stearin from discarded candles. What you get is a perfect firelighter to easily, and beautifully, light your fire.
This gift is perfect for the one who loves to make fires or someone who’s got everything already. Gifts that get used up are good gifts for those people. This is also a perfect gift to give to someone when you get invited for dinner! 


2. Kläppi – T-shirt in organic cotton with prints from Lapland

As I said, Emma, one of the founders of Love from Lapland is also the founder of this brand, Kläppi. What is significant for Kläppi is the beautiful and sleek designs with inspiration from Lapland. These t-shirts come in both adult and children’s sizes and are soft, comfortable and so cute!
I got this one called ”forest” in black for Erik. I just love the small ants at the bottom of the shirt, perfect detail to get a conversation going with a two year old! We talk about where the ants are going and how they ended up on his shirt. I think this is a great gift for both adults and kids!
Du kan köpa Kläppis ekologiska T-shirt i olika färger här.


3. Beautiful animal poster from Ester Visual

There is something about these soft animal prints that I just love. They are perfect for a kids room, or in any room actually. My favourite is the fox, but I could just do fine with anyone of these. They are made by a designer and artist from Finnish Lapland. This artist is up and coming and so far Love from Lapland are the only ones selling it in Sweden. This beautiful motives also come as tiles!
If you like it, you better get it before it’s gone! 

Picture by Emma Ebermark at Love from Lapland. (Yes! All of these products are available in their shop!)

4. Seat pad in reindeer skin – perfect for winter adventures!

This is one of our most used items in this home, especially during winter. There is nothing warmer to sit on than reindeer skin, and when you’re out on adventures in the snow – you need to keep your but warm. These small ones are perfect to bring in your backpack when you’re out on shorter adventures. It’s also gonna be around for a long time. I still use one from when I was a kid – almost 30 years and counting. That’s sustainable!
This is the perfect gift for someone who likes to be out on adventures in the snow! 

5. Totte handbag from Kero – The expensive gift

As you might have already noticed, I am not a fashionista. I like practical things that can be used on many occasions. This bag from Kero is one of those beautiful and practical things that will always be the right choice.

It’s stylish and high quality. I love simple designs and black bags are my favourite, so I feel in love with this one when I first saw it. It comes in many different colors, so you can pick and choose which one is best for you. The bigger bag has room for a laptop and everything else that you might need!


This bag might be expensive, but it will last long and could even be past on to further generations – so it’s a good investment. This bag is made out of naturally tanned reindeer & cowhide. Kero has been making products like this one since 1929. They are, and have always been, based out of Sattajärvi close to Pajala in Swedish Lapland.

This is, as the headline says, an expensive gift. The small bag (in the pictures) costs 1500 sek. But if you’re looking for a long-lasting investment for yourself or someone looking for a simple but stylish bag, you should check this out.


Du kan beställa denna väska i renskinn från Kero här.

And remember, how much you care for someone or how much they care for you, is not measured in the price tag of your gifts. Sometimes the best gift to give someone is our Time. ♡

Or if you want to give someone something special, you could give them a day out in nature together. Prepare some food, find a nice spot, make it cozy, light a fire and just talk.
 Even though this post is a collaboration together with Love from Lapland, all thoughts and words are my own. I have chosen these products carefully and based on what I like and would love to give someone (or have!). I hope you like it too! 

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  1. Åh så mycket fint! Har de en fysisk butik i Gällivare? I så fall vill jag besöka den nu när jag kommer upp!

    1. I Nilivaara har de en butik, men dit kan vi absolut åka när du är här! 🙂 6 mil från Gällivare bara!


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