The bright summer nights are back and my energy levels are constantly rising. As the sun stays up longer and longer and the nights never really go dark anymore – I find myself getting out on spontaneous adventures much more often. On wednesday, the dogs and I hiked up on Dundret. We walked in snow all the way up to the viewpoint. We found a nice spot on a cliff and we watched the sun set.

I really love these bright summer nights. There is something magical about them.. I get such an urge to go outside and let the night lead me to adventures.. Walking in the woods in the middle of the night as the sun hoovers above the horizon, the birds are singing their nightly songs in the trees (yes! they sing differently!) and the world around you is still sleeping. It’s so intoxicating.

Walking in the woods in the midnight sun at dundret Amanda Matti

Summers are truly the time to explore up here. Even though I love winter – summer has so much more time to offer, at least if you count the hours to a day. I can’t wait to bring Erik out camping and stay up late around the campfire outside the tent. In the bright summer night you get to stay up late, go on spontaneous adventures, do crazy things and just be free. Freedom. That is what I feel!

Have you never experienced the bright nights and the midnight sun? It’s time.

The pictures are taken between 10 and 11.30 pm.

One thought on “The bright summer nights are back!

  1. Paulina Gunnardo on 20 maj, 2017 at 21:26 Svara

    Å så underbart!! Och så bästa sällskapen förstås! 🙂

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