Two days in Stockholm is all I need

I’m sitting at the railway station, zipping a chai latte, my one and only go-to drink whenever I’m in a larger city. These two days in Stockholm have passed by fast, still it feels like forever since I left home. When I’m travelling I usually don’t think that much about what is happening at home. But this time to be honest, I can’t wait to get back home. I love going away to gather inspiration, meet people and see something else for a bit. But two days in Stockholm is enough. My head needs silence and a slower tempo again.

I have had two amazing days, even though one of my most interesting meetings got cancelled last minute. I could get frustrated, but instead I choose to just let things be. What happens happens and there’s not much to do about it. And even though one meeting got cancelled, I got to meet a bunch of inspiring people. Last night we had a spontaneous blog meet-up at Downtown Camper by Scandic, where I also was staying. We talked about life, business and got to laugh a lot. The internet is amazing in so many ways. There are plenty of great people that I would never have met without it. And for that, I am forever grateful.

Getting some work done. New fun projects coming soon with Träningsfesten

Angeliqa, vandringsbloggen and Ulrika, 

Maryem whom I’ve met through Influencers of Sweden. 

This morning I met up with Sofie Lantto, We were supposed to see each other at 6.45 to take a fitness class and then go for a run. But I woke up with a light migraine and had to ditch the class. Instead we met up an hour later and went for a run around Djurgården. It was so beautiful! We ran through Stockholm while the sun was slowly rising, talking about life. I haven’t known Sofie for that long, but it’s like we have split mind in some ways. We think alike.

After our run we went back to the hotel, had a long breakfast, almost missed the waffles. Had a waffle and another cup of coffee, showered and then I interviewed her for our podcast. She is from Gällivare originally but have lived in Stockholm now for twenty-something years. The things that she’s done and still do are amazing. A true inspiration in many ways. If you haven’t checked her out yet – you should!

Sofie looking happy after our long and dreamy morning.


As I’m finishing up this post I am sitting on the train, homebound. I am filled with inspiration, determination and a sense of calm. A few days in the city has cleared my head and the sky above me. The uncertainty that I feel some days is gone. I feel like I know what I am meant to do. Where I am meant to be. And I am so ready to just enjoy the ride.

The sounds from the train are melting away. People talking in the next coupe, the rhythmic sound of the wheels against the tracks – it’s hypnotizing. I feel my shoulders slowly sinking down and my breath getting deeper. As I finish up the last letters, my head is already tired and my mind unfocused. I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow morning, walk of the train and give Erik the biggest hug I’ve ever given him.

Life is all about the relationships we have. Once again, I realize how happy I am and how much I’ve already got. ♡

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  1. Fint skrivet! Låter som du haft ett lyckat besök här i huvudstaden. Hoppas vi hinner ses om du kommer hit någon mer gång.

    1. Jag ska absolut höra av mig nästa gång jag kommer ner! Huvudstaden visade sig från en otroligt fin sida under mitt besök! 🙂


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