A lot of people use Sundays as a day for cleaning, planning and getting ready for next week. I used to do that too, until I realized weekdays are just made up and there is no reason to spend a day off – thinking about your next day at work. So nowadays Sunday really is a Funday for us – usually spent outdoors.

This weekend we went out in the woods for lunch, about 30 minutes from home. The simplest adventures and excursions are, in my experience, the most fun when you don’t have so much time and when there are kids involved. And yes – lunch outside is definitely an adventure when you go exploring with a two year old!


Here’s a few  good things to bring when out in the woods with kids – (that you might not think about bringing)

Popcorn : For hungry kids who can’t wait until the fire is ready – popcorn is a great and easy way to keep them happy. This time we had some leftovers from the day before that I just put in a glass jar. You can also put popcorn kernels in tinfoil and cook them over the fire. Perfect for dessert!

– Smoothies : I make the easiest smoothie when we go out. Frozen strawberries or raspberries, frozen mango (optional!), milk (I use almond milk but regular milk is fine too), one or two bananas depending on the amount your making, one other fruit of your choice – MIX. Make sure you have plenty of frozen fruits/berries – that way the smoothies will last longer. Poor into a bottle and serve in cups or glasses of your choice! Once your out on the spot – the smoothies will be in perfect drinking temperature!

– Banana dessert : Take a banana, slice through the banana peel lengthwise. Open the peel a little so that you can put chocolate into it. Wrap the banana in tinfoil and bring it with you out. Then put it over the fire for awhile so that the banana gets soft and the chocolate melts. Great outdoor dessert!

– Coffee : Yes, I know you think about bringing coffee. I just wanna make sure you don’t forget.. Never forget coffee.


Have you tried the oldest form of therapy? Forest Therapy. Love my mug from lanttodesign.se


Erik loves picking cones, listening to birds in the trees and go on the look out for animals. I love teaching him things about the forest and the animals that we see. I tell him why there are trees cut down, what animals lives in the woods, why the cones look different from each other and where to put your feet when walking over a marsh. Maybe he understands 10% of the things that I am telling him, maybe more. It really doesn’t matter – we both get to be outside and do things that we like. What more can you ask for?

Do you teach your kids something special when out in nature? 

Looking for cones and rabbits.

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