For a long time now, I have had so many ideas on what to write here, but never really gotten around to actually writing. I have so many unfinished drafts that I want to complete, but I haven’t been able to gather enough energy. So many things spin around in my head when I get these periods of unproductiveness.

Where we will spend our weekend. Photo from last years tour.


To get some kind of right side on things, I asked if my friend Jennifer could help me out. She has had her blog a longtime and is kind of an expert on all these things (my words). We booked a Skype meeting to talk about SEO and blogging, and we ended up talking for hours. Jennifer always ask the right questions, and really listens to your answer. She got me thinking about why I write, and to whom. We talked about what I want to accomplish with this platform and my larger vision, to make the world a better place.

When I had talked to Jennifer all these hours and refilled my coffee at least four times – it was clear to me. I have to start writing in Swedish again. I love writing in English because I think a lot in English. But it’s harder to reach people when you write in English and live in Sweden. And I’d rather have the opportunity to make at least a little impact on people close to me, than no impact at all in the the world. Also, Jennifer asked me if it might be that I write in English because it’s easier. Writing in your own language feels more naked. And it was so spot on. I have been hiding behind a second language. It’s time to get real.

Everything written in English so far will remain and I might even add the possibility to translate posts or write a short summary in English in the future. I haven’t completely figured it out yet, but time will tell.

Every now and then we get into phases of our lives when it’s time for change. Now it’s time for a change here. Tomorrow me and Markus’ mother are going out into the mountains, in Hunddalen Norway. When we get back on Monday, I will start the transformation on this platform and soon you’ll be reading my posts in Swedish.

Sky enjoying the views last year in Hunddalen. She’ll be coming with me this time as well.

To all of you who prefer English, I’m sorry and I love you and hope you will continue to read anyways ♡

Och till alla er svenska följare, snart hörs vi igen! ♡


Ps. I know that Jennifer helps other bloggers too with SEO and strategies. If you want to speed forward a few steps, you should definitely hire her. She is gold. 

4 kommentarer på “Change is coming

  1. Katta Bucketlife on 23 februari, 2018 at 09:42 Svara

    Ska bli spännande att ”höra” din svenska röst, jag gillar ju din engelska, men som Jennifer sa – det är ju något annat med ens modersmål!
    Grattis till beslut – det är alltid så skönt när allt landat efter grubbel 🙂

  2. Jacqueline on 23 februari, 2018 at 10:37 Svara

    Vad spännande! Jag tror det kommer bli grymt! Och alltså vilket MAGISKT ställe Hunddalen ser ut att vara! ❤ får lite kramp av allt det fina!

  3. Leanne on 23 februari, 2018 at 12:06 Svara

    I am an English reader! But it’s okay, I will just use google translate like I do for many other Swedish blogs. I will have to practise my Swedish more too 🙂 Thanks for writing in English so far, you write incredibly well in English, better than so many English people I know! But it totally makes sense for you to write in Swedish, I think it is a beautiful language too 😀

  4. Linnea – on 28 februari, 2018 at 10:02 Svara

    Jag hänger kvar oavsett vilket språk du skriver på Amanda! <3 🙂 Är så otroligt svag för bloggar från Lappland och Västerbotten så mig blir du inte av med! Jag tror att det kommer att bli jättebra på svenska 🙂

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