A weekend spent outdoors

This weekend we went to Storklinten, a small ski resort about 2 hours south from Gällivare. The ski season is over but they have beautiful cabins and it’s a great place for hiking and exploring. We’ve been there before when Erik was only a couple of months old. This time Markus surprised me with one nights stay in one of the cabins. It was absolutely amazing!

On saturday we hiked up to the top of the mountain, walking up the slopes partly still covered in snow. We cooked Souvas and walked around collecting sticks and cones – listening to the birds singing in the trees. As we walked back down again I looked at Erik sitting in the carrier on Markus back and it suddenly struck me. He has gotten so big! There he was – pointing at things, singing along to ’the wheels on the bus’ and telling us about things as we walked. Not a sad face all day, he is really getting big. And this time he loved being in the carrier backpack, he has Not loved it before. I am telling you.. But this time – not a single protest.. I now have hope for this summers hikes!

We spent the evening in the sauna, cooking a really nice dinner and then reading, watching TV and sleeping infront of the wood stove. Talking about cosy days. Erik had a hard time going to bed, as it always is when we’re at a new place. So many exciting things to see and do and sleeping is not the number one alternative.

On sunday we got up early, spent more than an hour with the bed covers in the sofa looking at the fireplace. And then we ate a long breakfast, packed our things and went out. We headed down to the beach in Harads and made lunch, watched the birds fly, walked the dogs and made sandcastles. It was real april weather – one moment sunshine and then snowing the next. But even if the weather wasn’t the best – Erik didn’t care. I think that’s what it’s like most of the time, the kids doesn’t matter if it’s snowing or raining. It’s just us.

If you see the world through the eyes of a child – you’ll end up having a lot more fun.

I think everyone should go out and act like kids every now and then. All work and no play really makes you a dull one. Getting out and playing games for awhile takes away a lot of stress and gives you new energy. After this weekend spent outdoors, I feel recharged! Like always after spending time in nature and with people I love.

Being outside gives me energy. What makes you recharge your batteries?



Amanda heter jag och är en trettio+årig  som driver företag sedan 2017, är mamma till två barn, matte till två hundar, fru till en musiker och född och uppvuxen i norr. Jag skriver om att lära känna sig själv, om äventyr i naturen och livet norr om polcirkeln.

På bloggen får du läsa om högt och lågt, djupt och ytligt – allt i en salig blandning.