Days filled with life

The days keep on passing by in high speed. I have a goal to write at least two blog posts every week, it’s not much but still I don’t always make it. But even so, I don’t feel like it’s a bad thing. I am getting better at appreciating and accepting things the way they are. Sometimes things doesn’t work out the way we plan. In some cases we can change and rearrange for things to work out better, in some cases we can’t.

We need to accept the things we cannot change, have the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

This weekend we’ve spent a lot of time outdoors. On Saturday we went snowboarding on Dundret. Erik snowboarded for a while, then took a ride with me in the carrier. It was fun but a lot heavier than I would have imagined.  On Sunday we went ski-touring to Dalstugan, also on Dundret. Even though the weather wasn’t the best, time spent outdoors is always time well spent. On Sunday, Markus’ family joined us. Filippa, Erik’s little cousin, did her premiere on the mountain. Sleeping happily in the pulka all the way up.

Charlotte and Robin with little Filippa sleeping in the pulka. 

Erik sat here for about 10 minutes, then he wanted to run instead. Nothing wrong with his energy! 

It took us about 40 minutes to get up to the small cabin. On Sunday’s Friluftsfrämjandet keep it open for visitors and you get a hot cup of coffee, a warming fire and a cookie. We had our own ’fika’ with us but a warming fire is appreciated, especially for the little ones. We didn’t stay very long before we got dressed and headed back out again. But adventures doesn’t have to be long for them to be precious. For an almost-three year old, this was an adventure the size of climbing Mount Everest.

Erik kept jumping in and out of the pulka, sitting for two minutes and then running again. 

Friluftsfrämjandets Dalstugan, halfway up on Dundret. 

Erik talking to Filippa and Charlotte.

After we got home on Sunday afternoon, Erik started feeling sick. He threw up a few times during the evening, but was fine in between. But as for all parents, when your kids starting to feel sick, you act according to protocol. It’s like your preparing for war. Total lockdown, cancel all plans, prepare for quarantine. Markus went shopping to get all necessities in case we would all go down.

An uncertain Sunday afternoon passed by, but neither me nor Markus felt sick. Erik fell asleep around 9 and was all better in the morning. Maybe stomachflu, maybe something he ate. Who knows. Still there’s 48 hours you have to stay at home before he can return to kindergarten. We’ve spent two days at home, building lego towers, watching movies and me working a little. He’s been feeling fine so tomorrow it’s back to reality for all of us. Crisis over.

Got this cute bottle warmer from Maria for Christmas, perfect to keep your water from freezing! 

On our way back, Erik refused to sit. He wanted to run. Maybe he was starting to feel sick already here.. He walked and partly ran half the way until Markus made sitting in the pulka a game he couldn’t refuse. 

When you have kids, you quickly get black belt in making plans, and changing them again. You never know what’s coming and things are really out of your hands. I’ve gotten better at just riding the waves of life and enjoying the moment. Spending two days at home with him has actually been cozy. He is getting so big already, soon he doesn’t want me to build lego with him. I’m just gonna try to enjoy the moment while it lasts.

Our happy little fella. He is turning three in April and has really started to get obstinate from time to time. We have tried ’time-outs’ for awhile. When he isn’t listening at all, he has to sit for three minutes on a bench in the kitchen. If he gets up and leaves before the time is out, the three minutes start all over again. The thing is, he always just gets me laughing so hard I can’t be angry at him anymore. It always end with us two hugging, laughing and being friends again. It might not be the most consistent way to parent, but I just love it. Laughing together is just magical.


Tomorrow it’s back to normal again. I have plenty of work to do and plenty of fun things up my sleeve. Somehow I can’t seem to find the time to write about it all. But there’s no need to panic, I’m gonna be here for a long time, so I guess I’m gonna get around to it at last.

Hope you are all having an amazing start to your week! ♡

Taking that weekend vibe with me into a new week

Some weekends give more energy back than others. This was one of those. We spent all of Saturday at home. We slept in, ate breakfast forever, drank one too many cups of coffee, watched Tv and then the whole family went out to shovel snow and walk the dogs. In the evening we invited Markus family over for dinner and then we went to bed early.

Yesterday we ate breakfast and then got into the car and drove about an hour south to our friends cabin. My friend Sarah is probably the best birthday-gift-giver ever. On my birthday a couple of weeks ago, they gave me a check for a day out in nature. Today it was time to cash the check.

In the car, ready to go. Waiting for daddy to pack the last things. 

When we got there we just jumped on the snowmobiles and headed out. We found a nice spot and made basecamp. After a while the fire was going and they were cooking lunch, making coffee and made sure we all got something to eat. Erik had more cookies and cinnamon buns than he had food – but I really couldn’t care less. He ate, had a great time and ran around the ice – constantly finding new things to do.

The dogs were hoping to get some leftovers. Lucky for them, Erik generously shares his food with dogs. And people to for that matter. Tippen got a little cold, but Sarah has made a sleeping bag for him out of an old pair of Dobsom pants so he curled into it and stayed there.

Dressing properly is key to having a great day outdoors. But when it comes down to it, there is nothing that will keep you warm forever. Moving around is the only way to stay warm for longer periods of time. Erik and Markus made an ice-track to run on and then we all had do watch and cheer.

I am so truly blessed to have friends like you. I felt like a princess all day, I didn’t have to do almost anything. Spending time with friends like this is worth so much. Even though we live close to each other, it’s not that often we spend time together like this. Damn glad that Sarah and David makes it happen. A perfect birthday gift to someone who’s already got everything they need. Thank you guys ♡

Cinnamon buns are truly his weakness.. just as his mom. He has grown so much lately. Definitely not a baby anymore. Kind, loving, caring and fun. Glad he gets to know our friends the way he does too. And glad he wants to tag along on all our adventures. My sweetheart.

I’m taking this weekend vibe with me into the coming week.

I feel relaxed, energized and happy. This week will be filled with work, fun and exciting new projects. We have a workout vacation launching soon, as well as several different projects kicking in, that needs to be prepared. If you want to see more of what I do during my work weeks – make sure you follow me on Insta-stories!