The sun is shining this Friday afternoon and it’s the first time in weeks. September and the beginning of October has been nothing but rain. But then today, the sun came out to play. Beautiful sunlight playing in the treetops, making the world look a little warmer and more inviting than before.

The beautiful weather instantly gave me a little more energy. It’s funny how much weather effects us and helps set the mood for the day. Today the sunshine boosted my feeling that nothing is impossible. A feeling that started this morning with the long awaited release of Markus new song Recognize.

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Markus and Joakim – together they form Polarbearz

As I’ve told you before, my Markus makes music. He spends hundreds of hours in his studio, usually at night, making amazing songs and beats. They started out playing metal in 2012 and have played festivals such as Sweden Rock Festival a couple of years ago. Then last year they changed direction and went from metal and rock to electronic. All the songs he has played to me over the last year have all been world-class hits. And this one is no different.

The songs they make are not only good – their music speak louder than words.

It’s hard to describe how much this day means to me. There’s so much passion and commitment involved in this project and I hope that they will reach all their goals. The songs they make are not only good – their music speak louder than words. They have a song that is not out yet, that I keep playing on repeat. It’s just one guitar and raw song – no editing done to it what so ever. And every time I listen to it I get goosebumps. The lyrics is on point and the melody is enchanting.

This might just be one song to you. But to us, this is part of our family.

This is part of our everyday life. Not a day goes by without us talking about music. Comparing beats, listening to melodies they’ve done or just talking about what step to take next. And we’re both convinced that living here, close to nature, is what gives us the inspiration to continue doing what we do.

If you want to get into proper weekendmode this FridayListen to Polarbearz on Spotify or whatever you use to get your music. Boost the volume and play this song on repeat! If you like it – subscribe on Spotify and social media. Help spread their amazing song to the world! I will be forever grateful!

They deserve all the love and support they can get! ♡

Find the song on Spotify – follow the artist and add it to your favourite playlist! ♡


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  1. Lena - gott för själen on 8 oktober, 2017 at 19:13 Svara

    Lyssnade på Spotify tidigare idag. Riktigt skön låt! Hoppas det går bra för dem!

    Kram Lena

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