Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I have an Instagram account. An account where I post pictures of beautiful sceneries, me doing fun things, our family out exploring and other picture-perfect occasions. I love Instagram because it’s a place for inspiration, motivation and beauty. But I also hate Instagram because of those same things.

Instagram is a place that doesn’t have room for all those non-perfect days. I too want to follow accounts that post amazing pictures or follow people who seem to live lives that are dreamy and full of adventure. But on the other hand I don’t like the facade that it actually is. I realize my account contributes too. I feel bad, because life is so much more than all those perfect, action filled and picture perfect days.

Actually, I think Life is all those non-perfect days.

Every time I post something on Instagram that isn’t perfect – I loose followers. Every time I post a picture of me – I loose followers. Every time I post something else than amazing sceneries or photos where it looks like I’m on an AMAZING adventure – I loose followers. But in the end, 90% of my days are spent at home, at work or doing laundry. Not picture perfect at all. Still I love those days just as much as the adventurous.

I’ve been teaching Zumba for 7 years now.

If I teach a full class, with let’s say 25 people, 24 of them can be happy, smiling and looking like they love what we’re doing. Then there’s one person in the back with a frown on her face. And all I see is that one person. Why isn’t she smiling? She must think this is the worst class ever. Oh she turns away, is she leaving? She definitely hates me. This is the worst class ever. 

They say there has to be somewhere between 8-20 positive comments to make up for one bad.

 Sometimes I think it’s even more. It’s so easy to get stuck on that one frowning face that you totally miss all those other, smiling faces. 

Followers is definitely not everything, but sometimes it’s hard not to be affected. It’s like having a massive crowd of people watching, waiting for me to start talking. And when I do start talking, all of the people in the back just turn and walk away. In the past weeks I have been focusing on them in the back, walking away. Wondering why they left. Thinking that they must hate this account. That they hate me.

To all of you on the first row, cheering me on with big smiles on your faces – I’m sorry!

I shouldn’t give a damn about all the people in the back. From now on I will focus all my energy on You! I will think about it exactly as Markus always tells me to do when I say that I have been loosing followers – ’You’re just taking out the trash’.


So here’s a bunch of pictures of me that would normally go unpublished on my Instagram account. This is me. Clumsy, weird and everything but perfect. This is me being me, 90% of the time or more. I try to be funny sometimes but I don’t always succeed (even though Markus just told me I can actually be funny! wooho). I do spill coffee, as it says in my presentation, more than once a day. And getting a picture of me without making a silly face or doing the peace sign like a Japanese tourist – is rare. Just to let you in on exactly how hard all those Instagram perfect pictures are..


And no, I’m not even gonna correct the misspelling. It’s a statement. 



Front row people from my Strong class <3 

Picture of two goofballs from a totally perfect non-perfect day at home – me and my sunshine!


3 thoughts on “I love Instagram for the same reasons I hate it

  1. Jenn - forever Abroad on 19 juni, 2017 at 06:38 Svara

    I like this – I love to have a look behind the scenes and believe in showing the ”truth”. I also like to do that through my Instagram and blog. And that ”taking out the trash” saying, so true!!!

    And I agree with Markus I also believe your funny 😉

  2. Rania {Northound Journeys} on 19 juni, 2017 at 09:26 Svara

    Of course you’re funny – we laughed a lot when we were out taking photos, right? And yes, in the end it’s only good for you to “get rid of” those followers not interested in the WHOLE you! <3

    I want an inspiring account as well, and that's why I like Instagram Stories a lot – I can be more personal and show behind the scenes footage, let my followers get to know be better while my profile still looks inspiring and professional.

    I do of course hope that everyone understand that there's a whole life with it's ups and downs behind every single image everyone is posting on social media.

  3. Maria on 20 juni, 2017 at 23:06 Svara

    In this not 100% perfect life we are living you have a big gift -you can put great, naked, true WORDS on all of it. It’s amazing!!😃 (I wish I hade a gift like that).
    //Hello from the front row

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