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Hey guys! This weekend in Åre is coming to an end I look back on a weekend filled with physical challenges as well as calm and quiet. A month ago I had never been here and now I have been to the top of Åreskutan three times and have been around town so much I’m actually starting to feel a little at home. The small shops, cozy restaurants, all the hotels and the small town square buzzing with life. There’s a fire here that I like. A fire that inspires me.

I arrived on Thursday night after 14 hours on the train. As I said before, I live so freaking far away. But I got a lot of work done, one of all the good things with taking the train instead of driving. On friday we hiked up Åreskutan, we started our hike in sunshine and finished it off in storm. We ate our lunch inside the small windshield on the top, had a glass of champagne and then took the lift back down. My second time hiking up Åreskutan felt a lot easier than the first. It might have been the chairlift that we took halfway, but I’m not completely sure..

On saturday we went out on the Zipline. It was fun and a little scary on the first one – then the rest of them went by quickly. Unfortunately you weren’t allowed to bring a camera so I haven’t got many pictures from it. But the rush you got when you threw yourself out into the air was amazing. I loved watching the tiny river, the mountain and the treetops from high up in the air. Almost like flying.

Today I packed up my things and said goodbye to Catharina, the girls from Luleå and the adorable Gittan who has been taking care of us this weekend. I met up with Tiina and Sabine who have been here on a Yoga event. While I was waiting for them to finish off I took a run up to Totthummeln, enjoyed the view for a bit and then ran back down again. A total distance of 6,94 km from the hotel and back again. A beautiful run, uphill half the way but then downhill heading back. And there is really nothing that beats mountains touched by the colors of autumn – it’s so beautiful.

In the afternoon we took a stroll through Åre and ended up taking the cable car to the top and enjoyed the view. My third time up here and I feel like I’m starting to get to know the mountain. Now I’m even more eager to come here in winter and try the offpiste.

On the top of Åreskutan the second time this trip. And this time I didn’t walk up as can be seen on the perfectly white, non-hiking shoes I’m wearing.


Tonight we’re staying at Holiday Club and tomorrow I am hitching a ride with Tiina and Sabine back home to Gällivare. I’m so thankful I got to come here this weekend and meet all these lovely people and experience the things I’ve done. Coming here used to be on my bucketlist. Checked twice, in a month, all thanks to my new job.

If you ever get the chance to come here in autumn – Go. Just go. Åre is definitely worth a visit this time of year. 

From Åre with Love ♡

Gathered for breakfast in the beautiful Peak Performance Mountain House. Gittan made the most delicious bread and cooked amazing food. 

The sun shining through the clouds on the other side of the lake. View from our balcony. Even though they promised rain all weekend we’ve had mostly sunshine. 

A biker that passed us on our way up. The autumn colors are so amazing. Love the stripes in this field. 

Pernilla and Kirsi on their way up to Åreskutan on Friday. 

Spent the weekend with this crew! Down to earth, fun and caring – all of them. 

4 thoughts on “From Åre with Love

  1. Pilla on 18 september, 2017 at 07:02 Svara

    Härligt att hikea upp på lite olika årstider! Ja, 14h med tåg är fasen riktigt långt bort.

    1. Amanda Matti on 23 september, 2017 at 12:16 Svara

      Ja, sjukt fint! eller hur.. och då är jag inte ens halvvägs till Stockholm :O

  2. Jenn - forever abroad on 18 september, 2017 at 12:42 Svara

    It sounds like such a lovely weekend. And I remember I used to have it on my bucket list as well, and then I finally got to visit and go skiing in Åre last winter :)))

    1. Amanda Matti on 23 september, 2017 at 12:17 Svara

      Yes! I still need to come here in winter so I get to experience the mountain snowboarding! You are one step ahead of me! 😀

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