It’s Tuesday again and I am getting ready for an intense week with lots of fun. I will be travelling to Stockholm on Thursday for some business meetings, a blog meet-up and an interview for our podcast. My favourite way to prepare mentally for an intense week is to listen to inspiring podcasts. I listen to podcasts while I work, run, clean the house and when I travel. Almost everyday, actually.

What I like the most about podcasts is that you can learn so many new things, while doing something completely else. I can learn about how the brain works while I clean the house, or I can listen to inspiring talks about hiking and adventures while driving. Since I found the world of podcasts a couple of years ago, I have gotten so much smarter and more educated.


If it gets me into the right mood, I thought it might do the same for you. So here are my favourite 5 podcasts to guide you through the week! 

1. TED Radio HourEnglish

You’ve probably heard and seen a couple of TED-talks in your life. In this podcast you get several TED-talks collected on one subject. For example, there’s and episode where they talk about the importance of PLAY. In the same episode you get to listen to a psychologist, a comedian, a primatologist and a game designer. They all talk about their different views, insights and research on the same subject.

I love that you get different points of view on the same thing. It gives the subject another depth. There are so many good episodes that I recommend – Manipulation, Big data revolution, The unknown brain, Transparency and Dialogue & exchange. And the episode about play of course. For example, in this episode you get to hear about a research where they found that humans are not wired to feel compassion for strangers. Just think about that for a second. Then go listen.

Photo by on Unsplash

2. TräningspoddenSwedish

I used to listen to this podcast whenever I was out running or walking. The podcast is made by the Swedish training profile Lovisa Sandström,, and tv-profile Jessica Almenäs. Listening to these smart, genuine and knowledgeable women talk about working out and life in general makes time fly. I love the different subjects and the mix of facts, knowledge, anekdots and fun. If you haven’t listened to it yet – you should!

Podcasts are perfect when you’re out running. Time passes by so fast when I listen. 


3. Kvinnliga Äventyrare PodcastSwedish

I’ve written about the Swedish network Kvinnliga Äventyrare before. They also have a podcast that you should listen to. The humble and ever so cleaver, Angeliqa Mejstedt and Emelie Bröms talk about adventures, what it means and how to do it. They interview inspirational ladies from all over Sweden who are somehow living life a little more adventurous. They talk about everything from hiking to life in general.


Emelie Bröms in the photo. Picture was taken in Åre lsat year in August. 

4. Husky PodcastSwedish

Husky was actually the first podcast I ever listened to. I quickly listened to most of the episodes and I love the interviews in this podcast. All of the episodes have interviews with people who somehow challenge the comfortable in everyday life. Adventurers, sports profiles, entrepreneurs – people who live with passion. I especially like the episode with Sofie Lantto,

5. Don’t call it a dream : Livet utomlandsSwedish

This podcast is a new podcast, made by my friend and blogger Jennifer Sandström and another blogger, Sandra Nicole Freiman. They have both been travelling and living abroad for a long time. This is a podcast where you get all the information, inspiration and GO that you need if you’re thinking about ever moving to another country.

Jennifer is currently living in Helsingfors and Sandra in Paris. They are genuine, down to earth and have so many inspiring thoughts about life. I am currently not thinking about moving to another country, still I feel like I want to do it when I listen to them. They also talk a lot about goals, plans and creating your own dream life.

A picture of me and Jennifer from that she took at last years Influencer Convention in Stockholm. Photo:

When I decide what to listen to I try to choose episodes or podcasts that could benefit my current goal for the day. If I’m travelling to a meeting where I am pitching social media marketing, I listen to podcasts that talk about social media marketing. That get’s my head spinning on the subject and I arrive full of ideas and inspiration.

If you haven’t yet started to unroll the fabulous world of podcasts, you should definitely give it a try. Let these five podcasts to guide you through the week start you up, and then explore what you love the most. There is really a podcast on EVERY subject.


And don’t forget to listen to our podcast about life above the arctic circle ♡

LEV podcast – Swedish

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