The last day of Easter is about to end and I look back on a weekend filled with happiness, love, long talks, playing in the snow and lots of fresh air. We usually spend easter at home, enjoying the beautiful spring winter in Swedish Lapland with snowmobile tours, ice fishing and camp fires in the snow. But this spring have been real hectic for both me and Markus – I’ve worked a lot with my business and he’s been doing tons of stuff with his music. The last week’s we have been more apart than together, only seeing each other as we hand over life at the doorstep.. So we decided we wanted to get away this year – just the three of us (and the dogs of course!) to get some well needed time for us. So we packed up the car and headed to paradise – our family’s cabin in Norway.

Being in a relationship is about letting the person you love grow, and then grow together.

Both me and Markus are convinced that life is there for us to live it, that chances are meant to be taken and that development comes from getting the chance to try something new. That’s why we constantly make sure we give each other room to grow and develop. Try a new job, take some risks, start studying or travel for work. But for every thing we do apart – we make sure we do something together so that we can catch up, share our experiences and new knowledge with each other and keep making plans ahead. So that we grow individually but also together. 

This weekend was such a great getaway. Five days of just talking, playing, resting, hiking, fishing and being together. Some times I get all caught up in the world of social media and start thinking that a good vacation is a vacation that looks good in photos.. when actually, the best moments are never captured. Because they are lived. These five days was a lot like that. Being present. Talking to each other. Us falling in love all over again and Erik having real quality time with his mum and dad, both totally present for the entire weekend. 

I hope you guys have had a great weekend too, no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done – and no matter if it looked good on social media or not. I hope you Lived this weekend

Drinking coffee with this view over Lofoten is good enough for a weekend. 

One thought on “Easter celebrations in paradise and making time for us

  1. Rania {Rowan Tree} on 21 april, 2017 at 10:09 Svara

    Otroligt bra skrivet, och ett fint och viktigt budskap. Det låter verkligen som att ni haft det fantastiskt och det här med att göra saker separat, men sedan också tillsammans. Växa var för sig Och tillsammans, det tar jag verkligen med mig <3 Ni verkar ha haft en fantastisk helg och det är ju verkligen vad som är viktigt. Min påsk är inte heller ett dugg sociala-medier-vänlig 😀 Kram!

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