Influencer partnerships

Influencer partnerships can be a great way for your brand to reach your target audience. My social channels are a way for me to inspire people to spend more time outdoors in nature, go on adventures, follow their dreams and live a happier and simpler life. If that’s the people your brand is trying to reach too, then maybe we should work together.

Remember that my words, thoughts and pictures will always be my own. And can never be bought.

I value my readers and my own privacy very highly and will only do partnerships if I like your brand and feel that you share my values. Partnerships will always be made with my readers and followers best in interest in mind. I am also a part of Influencers of Sweden and follow their guidelines on influencer marketing and all applicable marketing laws.


If you represent a company that you think might be of interest for me and my readers – please send me an email and we can talk more!