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I just joined Printler! That means you can now buy a few selected pictures that I have taken as posters, how great is that?

It’s the perfect gift for someone you love or maybe to brighten your walls at home? All pictures are shot while out living life in this beautiful world of ours. Some are taken around my hometown Gällivare and others are shot in Norway.

The one thing that they have in common?

They’re aimed at making you feel good. I chose there ones out of my gallery because I love them and get happy just by looking at them. I hope they will do the same for you! If we can’t be out in nature, let’s bring a few amazing moments home with us. ♡

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Print – Sheep Love by Amanda Matti

In July 2017 we drove around Lofoten in Northern Norway for a couple of days. The second night on our road trip we stopped in Eggum, by coincidence. Late at night, long after Erik fell asleep in the tent, we sat outside waiting for the sun to turn at the horizon.

Suddenly five or six sheep walked right up to us. They stood there, watching us for awhile before they continued their stroll through the beautiful landscape. Before they left I shot this picture of one of them.

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Print – Winter Trees by Amanda Matti

This picture was shot in February this year. I was walking along the river together with my cousin and the sun was shining. It was really cold and there was a little fog rising through the trees and the light was just amazing. The view here is overlooking my home mountain Dundret, even though you can’t see much of it.

I love the days when it’s really cold and the sun is shining. Crispy, clear and beautiful!

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