Outdoor activities for kids during summer

Summer is here and when school breaks and vacations hit, it’s time for outdoor activities for kids. But being home without your everyday routines can also be challenging, especially with small kids that needs entertainment and a little adult supervision. When we’re not driving around Sweden, we like to just go out and enjoy what’s around us.

The Swedish site, Dittbarnochdu.se, asked me to share our best tips on what to do outside. I have gathered my best tips that doesn’t require any gear, preparations or much thought. It’s just action. Perfect when the kids are running around, destroying the house and all you want to do is get out for a bit.

My tip includes a banana, a glass bottle and some imagination..

Want to know what it is? Head over to ‘Ditt barn och du’ t0 read the full story from me, Minimat.se and @aktivfamilj.se – bloggers that also enjoy outdoor adventures with the family!

If you want to read other posts about our outdoor adventures you can read this one from hiking in Storklinten, or this one from when we packed a picknick and headed out into the woods. Or you can read more about the Natursnokarna koncept that I love.

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