Amanda Matti – Norrländsk företagare, bloggare och mamma

My name is Amanda Matti. I grew up in Gällivare, a small town above the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland. Now I’m 28 years old and I still live here with my husband-to-be, our 2 year old son and our two dogs. This place, far above the arctic circle, is my paradise.

We spend most of our time outdoors. I hike, bike, walk, surf, ski, snowboard or just sit outside making coffee over open fire. Why? Because out in nature is where I can hear my own thoughts.

Nature gives me the energy that I need to live my life fully.


Explore a Little More is where I write about my outdoor adventures, everyday life in Swedish Lapland, the travels that we go on, my business strategies, the success or failures I experience with my own business, my thoughts and insights about life and how I believe that slowing down and being present is the answer to finding your own inner peace and living a happier and healthier life.

Talking, taking pictures, teaching and writing is my thing and making the world a better, more friendly place, is my vision.  I hope to inspire more people to do what they really want in life, to slow down and appreciate the world that we live in and the life that we have.

Entrepreneur, outdoor soul and dreamer

For many years I did what I thought people expected from me. I worked hard, was always stressed and tried to fit in and be a ”good girl”. I always felt like I was in the wrong place. Afraid of what people might think if I said what I thought and did what I really wanted to do. I spent most part of my life doing what I thought I was supposed to, in a way I thought I had to. Not pursuing any of my dreams. Not telling anyone my story and sharing my thoughts.

It took me several years, a maternity leave and a lot of anxiety to really change the way I was living.

But in 2016 I started my own business and this blog. In the summer of 2017, I quit my job and started working full time with my own business. A decision I am both proud of and happy that I took.

The turning point for me came when I realized that I didn’t want to grow old, not knowing what it would be like to chase after my dreams and try my wings. Life is too short to be afraid of what might happen if you try. And happiness really comes from within, from being present, and from doing things that we love. And I want to be happy.


From social media marketing to photography and events

Today I run my own company and several different projects. I host events, produce podcasts, write, take photos and help businesses grow. Also I speak, teach, connect and grow together with others. My goal is to inspire more people to dare. To do what they love and to be their true self.

If you want to work with me or book me for an event, check this out.


Right here – close to the mountains, deep forests, rolling rivers and animal life – I am home. Welcome to tag along on my journey – exploring the world as we go on.

I spill my coffee often, laugh more than I cry, clean the house less often than I should and I rather drink coffee made over open fire than in a fancy espresso machine. I brake out in dance  spontaneously and I believe that people deserve a second chance, and sometimes even a third. And my key to continue doing what I love and have energy for all my projects – is to be out in nature as often as I can. That’s where I find inspiration and that’s where I find me.

”Je veux vivre ma vie pendant que je suis vivant”