Local event: VIP-kväll hos Peak Performance i Luleå 2 december

Following information is in Swedish only since it’s an invitation to a local event. ♡ VIP-kväll Peak Performance i Luleå  Tillsammans med Peak Performance Luleå, Inpuls och Copperhill Mountain Lodge bjuder jag in er till en VIP-kväll i Peak Performance butiken lördag den 2 december. Passa på att fynda vinterkläder till dig själv eller julklappar […]

As I lay there beside him, listening to his soft breathing, I realize that I am running. Again. 

”Maammaa”. His thin, raspy voice breaks the silence and my muscles tens immediately. I put my computer down beside me and I hear his voice calling for me again, louder this time. I rush up the stairs to our bedroom. He is sitting up, watching me with sleepy eyes as I walk into the room. […]