Outdoor and workout clothes I have come to love – but to me, this is so much more than just clothes

This post is an advertise in collaboration with Peak Performance Luleå. When we were heading out on our trail running adventure at the beginning of summer, I did a collaboration together with Peak Performance on what to pack and what to wear. And since I believe in doing things longterm and durable, not only with clothes […]

Exploring nature with kids made fun – and easy! Naturskyddsföreningens Natursnokarna

Exploring the small things in nature

I spent this Saturday at an instructor course with The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) on their program “Natursnokarna”. SSNC is a charitable environmental organisation that works with all different aspects of environmental issues, from teaching kids to appreciate nature to putting pressure on politicians. The “Natursnokarna” program is one part of their work and the […]

A weekend spent outdoors

This weekend we went to Storklinten, a small ski resort about 2 hours south from Gällivare. The ski season is over but they have beautiful cabins and it’s a great place for hiking and exploring. We’ve been there before when Erik was only a couple of months old. This time Markus surprised me with one nights […]

This summers adventures

May is here and summer is getting closer, day by day. There is still tons of snow outside and it looks and feels a lot more like winter than summer. Even so, the nights are getting longer and brighter and I have been getting some summer vibes. And accordingly, I have started marking the calender […]