Local event: VIP-kväll hos Peak Performance i Luleå 2 december

Following information is in Swedish only since it’s an invitation to a local event. ♡ VIP-kväll Peak Performance i Luleå  Tillsammans med Peak Performance Luleå, Inpuls och Copperhill Mountain Lodge bjuder jag in er till en VIP-kväll i Peak Performance butiken lördag den 2 december. Passa på att fynda vinterkläder till dig själv eller julklappar […]

How to dress for winter – clothes layering for cold weather

This post is an advertise in collaboration with Peak Performance Luleå. Winter has arrived here in Gällivare and we’ve already had some really beautiful winter days with crispy air and a landscape all covered in snow. As the temperature drops, down jackets and warmer clothes come creeping out of the closet. Clothes layering for cold weather […]

Life is meant to be lived

Life is meant to be lived. Not only endured but truly lived. We’re supposed to feel all kinds of emotions. Have good days, bad days and everything in between. What we see in our future is based on our thoughts at the moment. That’s why being mentally aware is so important. Sometimes when I rush […]

As I lay there beside him, listening to his soft breathing, I realize that I am running. Again. 

“Maammaa”. His thin, raspy voice breaks the silence and my muscles tens immediately. I put my computer down beside me and I hear his voice calling for me again, louder this time. I rush up the stairs to our bedroom. He is sitting up, watching me with sleepy eyes as I walk into the room. […]